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Film Set

We’re a small group of producers, cinematographers, editors and graphic designers who love digging in the dirt and figuring out cool, new ways to approach video. 

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We’re intuitive, instinctive, creative and collaborative. We’re fast workers, but never at the expense of your project. Our production crews know how to maximize their time in the field, and our post teams know the right tools to use to turn things around quickly. 

We're affordable. Not overpriced, and not cheap. We offer fair market rates for our production gear, staff and post-production facilities and offer suggestions along the way to keep your budget in tact.

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Whether it’s a 30-second promotional spot, a short informational piece or an extensive online instructional course, we have the expertise to turn your content into compelling video.

SMART is extremely professional, organized, and talented. There is a lot of room for creativity and collaboration since everyone has a great deal of experience -from the producers and video crews to post-production staff.

Kathryn Boice, Director of Curriculum & Community

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